Selected Student Comments

Mitchell Software Engineering has provided training to hundreds of software developers.  Here are comments from some of them:

"The best instructor I've ever had—extremely knowledgeable and very well prepared. The course was well-organized and planned, and the explanations were very clear."

"Excellent presentation of very complex subject."

"Great teacher expertise—very professional—overall very enjoyable and profitable."

"William was very prepared, knows the material, encourages questions, and is VERY helpful. Excellent job teaching!!"

"Instructor had real-world programming experience. Good references to past case studies."

"Lots of information packed into a short class"

"I'm not prone to giving all positive ratings but you have certainly earned it for this class. ... Your initial explanation of objects was the best I've ever seen — clear, understandable, intuitive."

"William is very personable and helpful."

"The course was well organized. This is a difficult task. Good job."

"The instructor was excellent."

"Direct, quick course. Fits in well with work."

"Instructor was great."

"Great introduction to Java."

"William does a very good job of explaining things and keeping the class moving."

"Good style; well prepared and punctual."

"The instructor was very, very knowledgeable and gave us a great deal of information regarding the Java language. It's a great starting point."

"Instructor was very friendly; always in good spirits."

"Excellent class. The presentation was very good. I started this class knowing very little about Java, but now have a strong foundation on which to build."

"The [three-day OOA/D] class came off as planned, and all students were extremely impressed with the depth of knowledge they experienced in such a short period."

"Instructor was very concerned with conveying clear meaning; abundance of examples."

"Excellent mix of coding and UML.  This is an excellent way to learn the material."

"The instructor was very responsive to student's needs and kept good pace and timeliness."

"William is a wonderful instructor. He is patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. My only complaint is that the class had to end."

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